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Vollara Spotlight Honors and Congratulates Steve & Lori Carmichael

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

A former Respiratory Therapist, Steve Carmichael

would be the first to tell you all the riches in the world

won’t mean a thing if you aren’t breathing free.

“I’ve been an entrepreneur for the past 43 years, primarily in the healthcare sector,” says Steve. “I’ve seen the effects of all the chemicals and toxins in the cleaners we use on our carpets and clothes. Indoor air is known to be more sickening to the body than outdoor air.”

As an owner/co-owner of multiple local and national home medical equipment businesses, a pulmonary function lab, and sleep diagnostic center, Steve has witnessed first-hand why healthy indoor spaces aren’t just a luxury, they’re vital.

“Lori and I love getting toxic chemicals out of our living spaces, and the clothes we wear, the surfaces we touch, the carpets we walk on, the air we breathe…

well, you get the idea!”

Steve and Lori have taken their passion for health freedom and built an integrative approach to wellness. Wellness formed the foundation of Lori’s career. From the time she first picked up a tool, Lori was on a mission. As the first female Sprinkler Fitter in the City of Chicago, she spent 29 years deploying overhead sprinkler systems in facilities like Navy Pier and more. The physical toll lead her to hone a host of other skills, and the entrepreneurial spirit took hold as she launched a vending business.

Lori’s expertise in homeopathy and natural healing also grew, as did her passion to help the vulnerable. She and Steve formed Carmichael Enterprises, LLC, as a holding company for their various business ventures. Then came 2020, and COVID.

Just as society was being shut up inside homes and businesses full of toxins, the Carmichaels came across a patented technology proven to inactivate viruses, bacteria, mold, and odors, including the reduction of 99.99% SARS-CoV-2 in the air in 60 seconds.

Air quality expert Steve knew the problem and understood the solution they’d discovered. Health advocate Lori realized they’d found a natural response to the unnatural regulations rolling out.

“Our personal experience was profound. We certainly couldn’t share something we haven’t experienced amazing results with,” says Lori. “Now Steve and I are on a mission to get the word out that there is a solution to living a thriving lifestyle, without putting something in your body that you’re unsure of. Getting the ‘enemy out of the camp’ is what we like to say.”

Vollara’s nature-based technology LaundryPure become of particular interest to Lori. “There isn’t a better way to clean than chemical-free LaundryPure,” exclaims Lori. “Just because we don’t experience immediate effects of these toxic chemicals doesn’t mean they are not affecting us! The more we can take steps to rid our home environment of chemicals, the better off we’ll be. With the diverter valve, I use LaundryPure water throughout the house!”

It was an easy decision to become factory direct partners with Vollara, the parent company for ActivePure Technologies. Having been health and wellness coaches for nearly a decade and Airbnb Superhosts, their caring and drive to serve others catapulted them to Platinum 4 Directors in the company.

Mike Jackson calls Steve and Lori lifelong honeymooners. They are avid foodies, traveling the country seeing new sites, eating at great places, and just exploring the world while they are building a company with Vollara. “We love traveling as we build our business, and the tax advantages of owning a nationwide wellness enterprise are awesome!” says Steve. “And Lori is our secret weapon. She has never met a stranger who did not become a friend, then I show them the business plan.”

They like to say everything- their marriage, relationships, and business practices, are all grounded by faith in the Original Entrepreneur. “We’re so proud to be partnered with a company that is helping others while giving Jesus all the glory,” shares Lori.


Vollara Spotlight is thrilled to shine the light on this caring couple

as they enjoy their independent lifestyle. Whether it’s time

to connect with their 6 grown boys, making opportunities to meet new people on their travels, or chasing warm weather,

this team survives and thrives together.

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Mar 09, 2023

You 2 are such an inspiration to me. Thank you, N😀. Cole

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