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Vollara Spotlight Honors and Congratulates Dr. Eric Gonyon

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Nurturing the Soul and Shielding the World

Dr. Eric Gonyon has dedicated his life to helping others develop a healthy balance.

In a world that faced unprecedented challenges, Dr. Eric Gonyon emerged as a beacon of hope and resilience, steering a journey that encompasses not only protection but profound transformation. His dedication to fostering the well-being of mind, body, and spirit converts adversity into opportunity.

Dr. Gonyon's encounter with ActivePure long before the era of Covid-19 and church closures was serendipitous. He recalled, "We wanted to protect our church members and guests from anything that could harm them, and we heard about ActivePure from a high-ranking military contact. They shared how the military had deployed ActivePure in different applications, so we decided to install the units in the church."

Driven by a vision to transcend boundaries, Dr. Eric and Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne reached out to Mike Jackson, a man with a heart for their mission. Mike flew down to meet them and revealed the intricate tapestry of ActivePure's potential. Dr. Eric, with his characteristic optimism, mused, "We already had some church members involved in the company and decided to dive in by sponsoring with Mike. We purchased some technology and were amazed that we could get the units wholesale. The rest is history."

What followed can only be described as a spectacular crescendo of success. Their 90-day blitz led them to sponsor over 100 church members and pastors from other congregations, creating a team of thousands of distributors who serve tens of thousands of people.

"The impact of Vollara is truly remarkable as a means to safeguard the health of others, offering churches, regardless of their size, a financial foundation to sustain their vital services, missions, infrastructure, and beyond," expressed Mike Jackson. "Creating healthier and safer indoor environments should be an essential standard, not a mere luxury. It's a fundamental need, not just a desire, and I'm genuinely thrilled to witness these churches equipped to enhance the Kingdom-growing initiatives within their communities."

Their venture skyrocketed, propelling them to the prestigious Platinum 5 level. As Dr. Eric emphasizes, "One of the early lessons we learned from Mike Jackson is you keep what you give away, and profit is better than wages. Clearly, sponsoring distributors versus retailing only was our key to massive success."

With an unwavering commitment to their cause, The River Church undertook a mission to aid fellow churches in installing ActivePure. At a time when governments were shutting down places of worship due to the pandemic, Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne's staunch resistance to this trend led to an unexpected encounter with law enforcement. The sheriff arrived at the church, even leading to the arrest of the pastor for not shutting the church down. Two days later, the governor declared churches as essential services, and because of that, all charges were dropped, a testament to the profound impact of their mission.

But the story doesn't end here; it takes a charitable twist as CEO Joe Urso partnered with The River Church during a time of devastation. Together, they donated nearly $1,000,000 worth of ActivePure technology to a hurricane-ravaged area in Florida, combating the infestation of mold. Sharing the message of salvation with individuals often involves addressing both their spiritual and physical needs, with the aim of enhancing their quality of life.

More recently, The River Church team embarks on a new chapter, as they journey to more than 10 countries in Africa preaching the Gospel plus bringing ActivePure to meet Presidents and Kings. Their mission is to introduce these leaders to the transformative power of ActivePure, transcending borders and bringing change to the lives of countless individuals globally.

It’s not just The River Church and Vollara keeping Dr. Gonyon busy. His family runs a farm called A Land of Delight Natural Farm where they teach local schools about sustainable gardening like aquaponics and non-GMO, diverse farming methods and the proper caretaking of animals. Their farm supplies many in their community with amazing local produce, pasture-raised eggs, and raw local honey available at

Plus, Eric is a car guy and loves the Vollara bonus car program. He has been driving on Vollara’s dime, having qualified for a bonus car every month since his third month in the business. And it’s not just modern luxury; he’s currently finishing work on his classic 1969 Hurst/Olds.

Dr. Eric is a big believer in training and support, so we asked him for a few training tips:


Eric believes it is a huge structuring mistake to just go deep. The plan calls for only 3 personally sponsored Distributors to reach Gold. But when a leg drives deep only the income runs away from you and you end up with a lot of non-performing distributors that get discouraged. Eric goes wide, wide, wide, and then trains and drives the ambitious legs deep. This has proven to be a wise decision having created a business quickly that generated over one million in sales in a single month.


Both live and via zoom. For over two years The Gold Factory Team has held a weekly training and recruitment session on Tuesday nights.


The Gold Factory created their own training platform at


For Mike Jackson and Robia Turner’s Saturday trainings register at


The Gold Factory has many Latino leaders like Vaughn Hendrix and Daniela Yanez, Carmen and Edgardo Rentas. The Company recognized the passion and commitment of these leaders and just launched a Latino Division, up and running with support materials in Spanish.


Vollara has some of the best Nutraceutical supplements designed by Nature. CEO Joe Urso and Executive VP Bill Coyle allow us to “Give Away” a starter order of Re:Vive Energy Mix, Essentials for Life supplement to be taken with meals, Re:Sist that increases killer T-Cells and jump-starts the immune system or KetoneZone that causes the body to consume stored fat and convert to energy. The Company provides the product to your client for free and even pays shipping and sales tax and pays you the distributor $10 each. Company statistics show a large percentage of people who start with a health-impacting supplement continue on, and also purchase technology like ActivePure with huge Company discounts.

Dr. Gonyon says, “A person would have to be crazy not to utilize this plan.”

Dr. Eric Gonyon's story is not just a tale of success, it’s a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. In the face of adversity, he stood firm in his mission to protect and uplift. As Mike Jackson recently quipped, "In the world of nurturing, Dr. Gonyon has been married for 32 years to his beautiful wife Jennifer and has two amazing children, Elliott & Emily. Eric is also a master aquaponic gardener, cultivating not just food, but the soul and spirit of humanity."

In the grand garden of life, his story is an inspiration, a reminder that dedication, resilience, and a vision to create a better world can truly change lives. Vollara Spotlight is pleased to share the work of this diligent servant.

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Eric Gonyon
Eric Gonyon
01 nov 2023

Thank you Vollara, Mr. Jackson, Mr. Urso and Mr. Coyle for this opportunity. We thank God that Vollara is committed to a no false weights and balances company structure. We believe in the technology, products, company, and leadership. We are all about advancing the Kingdom of God through business and what better business than Vollara.

Me gusta
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