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Vollara is thrilled to acknowledge your hard work and unwavering dedication

as you embrace this prestigious opportunity, unleash your full potential, and go for gold!

Greatness awaits those who dare to dream big and chase their goals.

Seize this golden opportunity and let your excellence shine!

After multiple decades in direct sales, all your labors, your efforts, and your business, become a charge to keep, something precious to protect. When I invite someone on a call to tell their story, I believe in them, the outcomes they’ve created, and most importantly, the heart they bring to the conversation. Every guest is on purpose. Hosting presents a distinct undertaking. Before entrusting my reputation, relationships, and achievements to another, I must be confident that

the individual shares the same dedication to the success of each

person as I do. So it was no surprise to me to hear Platinum 5-star Ambassador Robia Turner and my daughter Heather Jackson earned

an ounce of pure gold with Vollara’s Go For Gold campaign.


Precious metals are lasting value, and Robia has demonstrated character of such lasting value that he’s one of the few people on

the planet I can call and say, “Hey buddy, can you host this call for me tonight?” knowing he’ll not only show up, he’ll knock it out of the park.


I can trust him to love you all as much as I do, so I'm very pleased to welcome Robia and Heather to the Gold club.

Mike Jackson, National Field Leader


When Marc and Christina Alfano first hit my radar, they were on a

90-Day Blitz, approaching everyone they knew, love, and trusted with Vollara’s Launch Plan of Action. Their adaptability was a tremendous
asset which allowed them to simply sign people up with a free membership and then implement their strategy of activating their

new business owners with a 3–5 unit kit of advanced home technologies which set their business on a trajectory for gold,

as the dream chasers of their group launched successful businesses.

I marveled as they advanced to Vollara’s highest rank of

Platinum 5 Star Ambassadors in just 9 months!

Mike Jackson, National Field Leader


Bill and Mattie Perry joined our Company in the late 90's. A straight shooter, Bill was a kind of steadfast character you could count on to make things happen. He immediately went to work, developing 15 first generation Silver ranked associates. By going wide and working deep under these Silvers in the years that followed, Bill and Mattie created a legacy that would last the test of time.


Our friend Bill has moved on to eternity, sharing with Mattie an amazing Vollara annuity that has paid sizable bonus checks for 25 years. Her business is still generating new opportunity for families around the country and changing lives with space-aged technology; all while awarding her a new Gold Bullion Bar!

Mike Jackson, National Field Leader


Leia Ryan is a powerhouse businesswoman, according to Vollara National Field Leader Mike Jackson. Starting as a retailer, she found massive success in various areas including homes, businesses, and cruise lines - really every place people breathe! Over the years, she has evolved into a leader in the company, building leaders and inspiring others with her motto from Zig Ziglar: "You don't build businesses, you build people, and they build businesses." We agree with Zig and Leia!

Vollara is proud to award Leia with the second Gold Bar Bullion, recognizing her as a successful CEO who has balanced her personal and professional life. Leia is confident that the last 30+ years have been amazing, but she is even more excited for the next 30 to be bigger and better.


Who will follow in her footsteps as the next Gold Bullion Bar Executive winner?

Mike Jackson, National Field Leader


I had the pleasure of meeting Dan and Debbie Gibson early on in my air purification career. Dan, who was serving as a pastor, saw our technology as an opportunity to serve his church without needing to draw a salary. Together, Dan and Debbie went on to build a thriving business, reaching the pinnacle of success.


It's been over a decade, and their hard work continues to reward them with a steady monthly income. The fruits of their labor are a testament to their unwavering commitment to helping others.


Vollara is proud to award Dan and Debbie with the very first

Gold Bullion Bar as part of Executive VP Bill Coyle's "Go for Gold" monthly Real Gold Award! Thank you for your years of loyalty

and hard work, Dan and Debbie! Keep up the incredible work!


Let's go out there and conquer another ten years' worth of accomplishments together! Vollara celebrates this milestone with you.

Mike Jackson, National Field Leader

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