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Vollara Spotlight Honors and Congratulates Roger and Wanda Barrette

How skill, will and a dash of thrill shaped

Roger and Wanda's success.

Three years ago, former Canadian wilderness guide Roger Barrette had been gut-checked. Circumstance had thrown him off course. A series of life-changing events left him searching for signs along the path that may lead him back to his future. 

“I had an intuitive feeling,” shares Roger. “I saw 2020 as the year people would be looking for financial independence. Extraordinary people needed a business opportunity, so I began developing my plan."  

As a veteran of an environmental technology-based, peer-to-peer industry, Roger knew how to blaze a trail with a “right place/right time”, in-demand product. Roger started by onboarding a minimum of 20 new Vollara members, one by one, through home product showcases, free product trials, and retail sales.  

He would introduce the business side of Vollara to qualified clients, tapping into his field kit of support and guidance from his upline team, JK Baker and James Clendenin. Roger equipped and empowered others, providing a readable map and duplicatable process to show the way for customers who had become raving fans of the Vollara product line.  

"I started by recruiting three incredibly talented sales reps, and they became the front-line Gold Executives (key leaders) who replicated the recruiting process and built a growth business," recalls Roger. 

“I enjoy guiding my associates with sales, while recruiting deeply in our organization. Watch for when the timing is right to convert a customer to a business builder," Roger continues. “I’m almost always available via Zoom for a new, committed business leader.”  

Roger built a team of 10 Platinum 5-Star Ambassadors (a designation amongst Vollara business builders that communicates success building a balanced business combining retail sales and the enlistment of retail sales partners.) 

“We developed an organization of over 200 Gold Executives with approximately 13,000 Vollara builders and customers in our party. Developing and empowering my sales leaders to succeed is the thrill I seek daily," beams Roger.

A consistent theme with Roger is his expressions of honor to stand beside leaders like Mia Oddo, Wayne Bobeldyke, Sid Zagri, Emiliano Campobello, Dave Senior, Dr. Mark Armstrong, Rob Hannley, and Efren Mansanet on their journey to reach the Platinum 5 level.  “These leaders have stopped at nothing to reach the reward, while gathering even more Gold and Platinum executives to our cause, “says Roger. “My wife Wanda and I appreciate all of them so much." 

Roger's Top 3 Success Tips:  

1. Know your "Why?"

“You need to know what motivates you to get up every day to pursue your goals”.

2. Ask Questions

“If you're always telling, then you're not selling.

Prospective buyers purchase products that mean something to them or their families. You must ask questions revealing what's important to your clients.” 

3. Start Small to Build Big

"Start with three key leaders and help them develop their three, and so on.

The Vollara product line covers the basics of life: Air, Water, and Nutrition;

and everyone on the planet can relate to these basics.

It’s important to keep everything simple and repeatable.”  

Roger's wife, Wanda, recently retired from her 25-year career as a leader and Sr. Business Manager in the Global Markets arena with AT&T. She currently assumes a role working alongside Roger in developing business strategies for their Vollara team. "Wanda and I work well together, and balance our time with family and close friends," says Roger.  

The couple decided to move from West Los Angeles to the Greater Palm Springs area in 2020 and are focused on their shared mission to grow their business from their home in Palm Desert providing families with ActivePure technologies. 

Life is a journey, not a destination, yet Roger will be the first to

tell you knowing the goal is critical to knowing you achieved it.

The trail can be unpredictable; you have to be ready to

improvise, adapt, and overcome with the right gear.

Vollara, and ActivePure Technologies are at the heart of Roger’s pack out, and we’re thrilled to see what’s around the next turn as Roger guides his team on their shared adventures. 

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