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Vollara Spotlight Honors and Congratulates Robia Turner and Heather Jackson

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

As we step into an uncertain future – with scientists announcing clever names for the latest pathogens like they’re sports teams, economic malaise locking out entire age groups from home ownership, and a population yearning for decisive leadership and a brighter future, an innovative generation of leaders are stepping up to the challenge to succeed in the new millennium. Vollara Platinum 5-Star Ambassador Robia Turner is one of these novel leaders.

Robia is living proof that your altitude is a byproduct of your attitude, building a career as an entrepreneur from the retail counter of an auto-parts store. Like many of his Vollara peers, Robia was a customer first. At the age of 22, suffering from severe allergies while living with a smoker most of his life, he could not believe the power and effectiveness of Vollara’s whole home filter-less air

purifiers in his home environment.

Heather, who has demonstrated a remarkable 20-year commitment to running, and a friend of his sister and daughter of Mike and Nata Jackson introduced him to a purifier and people that would change the course of his life forever. His experience with the product filled him with an unwavering belief that fuels the business-building marathon he’s still running today, 16 years later.

“I was a shy introvert hoping to sell one purifier a month for a little extra income to take Heather on better dates,” shares Robia. “But, those early successes pressed my imagination to see a grander vision.”

Robia began sharing the technology in 2007 with the goal of selling just one

purifier a month. After quickly surpassing that goal with 12 purifiers in 2 weeks, Robia discovered the phrase that changed his life forever; “Profits are better than wages”. As he and Heather began to build a life together, his goal of 1 purifier became a game of how many new people he could meet in a day.

“We began marketing hundreds of thousands of purifiers throughout the entire Turner Enterprises organization every year,” recalls Robia. “What I love most about the Vollara model is our long-term success can only be obtained by helping customers experience amazing, life-changing products, and our team members learning how to create a difference-making income!”

In this spirit, Robia and Heather have stayed focused on paying it forward. Their goal is to help others discover a life of financial and time freedom by strategically partnering with a team culture prioritizing faith and family first, leveraging their businesses to create the freedom of a wonderful balance in life.

“The best part of stepping into the Vollara business was the personal development that came along with it! It shaped me into an all-around better person and taught me how to create success by serving and helping others in different areas of their lives, mostly through leadership. Many of my best friends and mentors have come from the extended Vollara family,” says Robia.

“There is an entire generation that feels lost and locked out of

the American Dream. Something like home ownership gets

farther from reach while inflation erodes spending power.

Vollara can bridge that gap, or even erase it.”

Robia continues. “We’re grateful for how Vollara has impacted our lives in countless positive ways. From the unexpected lessons in leadership that elevate every area of our life, to providing a consistent and residual income we could only dream of as a young couple facing the economic and societal headwinds affecting so many.”

Robia knows that all work and no play is not a healthy way to exist, so while he may be one of the hardest-working guys in Vollara,

he also stacks experiences utilizing Vollara’s incentive programs, like earning passage on company-sponsored annual trips in and out of the country and his favorite part, Vollara’s generous Bonus Car Program that pays him to drive the car of his choice.

He expresses his gratitude, saying, "We have a number of people to thank who deserve our appreciation time and again. Thank you to our incredible team and clients who have become an extended family and some of my closest friends. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the remarkable Vollara leadership, Mr. Urso and Mr. Coyle, for ensuring that we have a company that is not only healthy but also profitable and thriving! We also want to give a big shoutout to Ms. Pam and the entire Vollara Customer Service team who have been instrumental in upholding our customer-centric culture and have helped us maintain the highest level of professionalism. And, thank you to my mentors and Heather’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jackson for introducing me to a company and a world that forever changed my life.”

“I love that I get to show my appreciation to all these people by sharing our products and opportunity every day. Two decades in, I know there are still so many looking for that one opportunity, for a company that can offer the future they have always dreamed of but did not know existed. It’s hard to believe we grew up standing in the back row watching all the success stories cross the stage, hoping that would be us someday. Now we have the honor of being featured in the Spotlight, being entrusted by the company to lead National Trainings, and helping lead Vollara into the future. It is a responsibility we will never take lightly and always consider a privilege because the greatest part of Vollara is not our story, it’s the future story that is yet untold, and that story might be YOURS!”

The team at Vollara Spotlight has been fortunate to watch several great partnerships form to create legacies for their families.

Second-generation leaders Robia and Heather didn’t just grow up in a Vollara family; with nearly two decades of success in the company, they’ve grown into a behavioral blueprint for success through leadership and innovative, globe-changing products.

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