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Vollara Spotlight Honors and Congratulates Jennifer Tester

One hallmark of a real business opportunity is staying power.

Do people "stick with it," and will the company be there in the future for those who invested their time, talent and treasure into

building a legacy?

Five years ago, Vollara interviewed Lifestyle Entrepreneur Jennifer Tester in her 5th year building a successful Vollara household, so we’re excited to check back in on this busy mom turned healthy living CEO.

When Jennifer started with Vollara, she and her husband Chad were guiding the paths of three active children. She worked in Medical software sales from a home office to stay close to home.

"I enjoyed the freedom to be home for the kids, and had tried a variety of home businesses with little success," shares Jennifer. "That was until my husband Chad went with the boys to a soccer game and met Brandon Wright, who told him about Vollara. Chad wound up attending a Healthy Home Showcase and liked what he heard about Re:Vive and Essentials for Life."

Jennifer continues, "At that point in my life, I was feeling so run down. I had even gone to the doctor for testing and was assuming the results were going to be devastating. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to miss a moment with my children and husband. It turns out I was just exhausted. I needed energy. I was way too young to feel so drained."

Jennifer, depleted by her intense schedule, had just resorted to "energy" drinks that didn’t actually offer sustained, peak efficiency. Suddenly, all the products from that Healthy Home Showcase had her even more curious about building a foundation for good health and mental focus, naturally and safely.

"When I started with Re:Vive and Essentials for Life, it was like a defibrillator hitting my chest. Three days later the energy was still coming fast and strong," recalls Jennifer. The results were so transformational that every time she reordered, she’d tell others. Before long, Jennifer was hosting her own Healthy Home Showcase events and watched the bonus checks, benefits and retail profits pouring in.

Her original interview struck a cord when Jen shared how so many moms feel about working outside the home. "I wanted to work, but not away from my family all day, every day. Vollara provides an executive-level income doing something I believe in. And I can build the business with my family, rather than away from them. This is a win-win!"

This CEO and busy mom of three started her Vollara business as a side gig to help offset the cost of travel sports for her three kids. She would use pockets of time and schedule out her day and week to follow the Vollara proven plan.

"Now that my kids are older, I find myself wanting to share Vollara even more," exclaims Jennifer. "I use this extra time to add to my Vollara efforts, reaching new people, and developing professional, social contacts. Network, network, network... that's what I’m focusing on now. I’m aiming to earn the trip to Sweden, along with some big goals for this year."

"I have 10 years of happy customers with testimonials from our amazing nutritional products and life-changing technologies. Sharing the business is effortless when all I have to do is talk about what it has done for my very own family. We enjoy a house full of athletes that have grown up with Vollara products and benefited in ways you can only imagine."

With two in college and one in high school sports, the Testers travel often – and always with Air and Surface Pro, Fresh Air Mobile, H2Fuel, and their Essentials for Life/Re-Vive combo.

"I just can’t imagine not having all of these technologies and nutritional products with me at all times. I will always be a huge fan, 'a product of the product!' My kids even have their own accounts with Subscribe and Save sent right to their dorms," beams Jennifer. "Vollara is with us everywhere we go!"

A big shout out and thank you Jennifer and Tester family

for making Vollara total wellness part of your family's adventures.

We're sure to see you in Sweden, and look forward to catching you on your next adventure five years from now!

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