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Vollara Spotlight Honors and Congratulates Craig Stevens

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Drop Vollara Platinum Executive Craig Stevens anywhere in the country and he’ll have an innovative, environmental technology business established before the sun goes down. 

“When I’m in the Vollara mindset, I talk to anyone within 3 feet of me,” proclaims Craig. A California native, Craig was introduced to ActivePure in 2004 and almost instantly knew his life was about to change. 


“As a lifelong asthmatic, poor indoor air quality was always a challenge for me,“ recalls Craig. “My asthma, along with an extreme allergy to cat dander, meant my quality of life was often compromised when I went indoors.”  


Yet, with ActivePure, Craig found instant improvement at home, on the road with Fresh Air Mobile, and anywhere else he traveled with Fresh Air Personal. Excited by his healthy living technologies awakening, Craig engaged an approach that has worked since the beginning of the company. He ordered 10 units to share with anyone and everyone who wanted to see for themselves why he was so excited about his new discovery. 

“I was 43 years old when I was introduced to ActivePure,” shares Craig, “and immediately started sharing the technology. I joined just 2 days after my youngest son’s birth. We immediately brought a pallet of products to a series of Trade Shows we had been doing for over 20 years". He found that almost everyone who tried ActivePure fell in love, and did not want to give trial machines back."

“We earned our first bonus car in just six months, and that was only the start of the adventure,” says Craig. “We were honored to be one of the first beta testers in the world to install a prototype LaundryPure. The way it cleans your clothes, towels, and bedding with no hot water or chemicals was a game changer because I’ve been allergic to chemical detergents my entire life!”

Craig went from driving a Ford Aerostar with 200K miles to a brand new Chrysler 300C Hemi. His new business success meant his wife could get a brand new Pacifica too. The two new cars were quite the attention-getters. Everyone in the neighborhood became very interested in the secret behind their new wheels.

The road of life is filled with curves and obstacles, and Craig's world changed forever in 2006 when his father was diagnosed with a terminal illness. The family made the decision to move closer, and while his wife and two young boys flew to Northern Virginia, Craig and his older son Alex (15) started east in the Pacifica, trailer in tow. The trip was abruptly interrupted on day two when the trailer hitch failed. He, Alex, and their dog Jack landed upside-down on I-20 in Arkansas - a crash so horrific it’s been said it was a miracle they survived. 

Craig emphasizes the point, “It’s only by the grace of God that we are here today. "Recovered from the accident, Craig found himself in Virginia, where he didn’t know a soul and was forced to start all over again.  

“I became a UPS driver at 46 years old to keep the dream alive,” explains Craig. “I would introduce the products to people I met on my route and quickly realized that our universally-needed products are as well received on the East Coast as they were out West.” "It became my mission to help people live better,” he remarks. “When my father passed away from cancer, I’d already lost my mother and a dozen other family members to the disease. I knew there had to be a way to support others facing that battle.

"Now much closer to Vollara headquarters, his “never give up” effort opened to the next chapter as his business pivoted to helping those in need of hydrogen-rich Living Water.  


“The best water to support the best outcome,” is at the cornerstone of Craig’s passion to share Vollara Living Water.

He exclaims, “Whether someone is looking for more energy, mental clarity, super hydration, or just feeling more youthful, I like to say we have a ‘Fountain of Youth at the Faucet,’ and the response has been unbelievable! I share my never-ending supply of ‘Waterfall Water’ with everyone.” Craig is back doing trade shows, spreading awareness as he enthusiastically shares the entire Vollara technology library with anyone in earshot."

"Not only do I share the products, I also encourage customers to join our mission of improving people's lives anywhere and everywhere,” says Craig. “Welcome to the Vollara Family and Healthy Living Technologies!” 


Vollara Spotlight is pleased to celebrate the passion and perseverance of Vollara leaders like Craig. His understanding and embrace of the technology enabled he and other “boots on the ground” leaders to help us guide product development, ensuring the best innovative ideas of our engineers align with real-world deployment for best-in-class products to improve indoor spaces. Thank you Craig Stevens!

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4 comentarios

05 may 2023

Craig rocks! He shows up, keeps up, and never gives up.

Me gusta

Robert and Cecelia Cotton
Robert and Cecelia Cotton
12 mar 2023

You are An Awesome gift to the Activepure/Vollara Family.

Thanks for all the Great Zoom and personal information and training calls you do for us.

May God Blessing For Your Family,

Robert & Cecelia Cotton

Me gusta

Carlton L. Dowdy
Carlton L. Dowdy
11 mar 2023

Awesome Job, Sir! Looks like you brought the whole family with you!

Me gusta

09 mar 2023

😀 Congratulations, N. Cole

Me gusta
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