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Vollara Spotlight Honors and Congratulates Carlton Dowdy

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

We call him Carl the "Colonel". 

This dynamic leader has made a positive impact on everyone

around him and is greatly valued as a part of the Vollara family.

His childhood reads like a picture-perfect storybook; between dad’s steadfast provision and mother’s wisdom. He lovingly refers to his parents, three uncles, and grandmother as

"My Six-Pack!" because "I believe they, more than anyone, provided me with the guidance I needed to succeed in life."

Growing up, life for us was sweet and we were happy! My mother was, without a doubt, the oracle of our family clan, raising us on her infamous quotes such as "God takes care of fools and babies."

After joining the Boy Scouts of America, my scout uniform seemed to fit my body like a tailor-made suit, and I determined my destiny; to become a soldier. It seems my first test of duty and courage was a rescue mission - jumping in the water without knowing how to swim, and saving two of my best friends’ lives from drowning. Mom’s observation about God rang true for me that day.

My twenty-two-year military career was an incredible experience for me.

I felt that I was born to command using the leadership skills I acquired, building a strong relationship with my troops. My decisions always placed them first, above all.

The Power of A Promise!

I made a promise to my young son, carving RJD June 1996 into the pavement in the yard, telling him that I would give him his childhood home when he presented me with a college degree. I felt he deserved so much more! My "RJD Jun 1996" promise lingered heavily on me. We were sinking more and more into debt. Unless I did something big and fast, I would have to give up on our home, and my promise.

Early during our financial pain, I remembered what I had heard about the Vollara opportunity. My son and I designed the “Dowdy's Success Formula 66” which states:

"For every sixty minutes that I worked for someone and received a W-2,

I would also work at least 6 minutes for myself and my son!"

In short, it meant that I spent at least 6 hours per week working on ways for my son, and I received the most direct financial benefit. He still follows this formula today, and as a result, He expects to be able to retire at 40.

The decision to share these technologies made a big difference in our lives, saving our home from foreclosure and helping me keep that promise to my son! But those air purifiers did a lot more! They allowed me to begin dreaming again. I'd gotten active, and sold about two machines monthly for the next year or so.

In 2008 my son graduated from Chapman University, and I sent them his last check within days thanks to the profits from my retail efforts. At that moment, my son and I became financially free.

There is an old saying, "We never forget our first love!" I purchased my first Air Purifier about 24 years ago and I use the Living Water machine and love it. We built my son's future with Vollara technology, and now my granddaughter asks if it’s alkaline water when being offered a drink! Out of the mouth of babies...

My sponsor, Platinum 5-Star Ambassador Robia Turner took me under his wings. With his guidance, I committed to giving more of my time to Vollara. I was encouraged by Dr. George Washington Carver's quote, ”That which you love will reveal itself to you.” That spoke to my heart about Vollara. I am convinced that Vollara is the most significant business opportunity on the planet. This company and its ActivePure Technology products, in my mind, is a solution whose time has come... and is now truly unstoppable.

My team and I have been responsible for the sales of nearly eighty Air and Surfaces Pro machines. Together, we incorporate a weekly networking routine, conducting HHS workshops on Zoom and live seminars.

My goal is to bless others with ActivePure technology

while helping to change their financial future.

The Vollara opportunity is much more than money to me;

it's people, and those I work with have given me much more

than I ever expected through friendship and camaraderie.

God Bless Vollara! -"The Colonel" Carlton Dowdy, US Army, (Ret.)


The colorful life of Colonel Dowdy could fill a novel.

The Vollara family celebrates this determined, committed Veteran as he continues his mission to support and protect the opportunity

for others to pursue their dreams.

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Carlton L. Dowdy
Carlton L. Dowdy
Nov 03, 2022

Hey Izzy and Danielle Luna,

I like that RV rig you guys get around in. I have a 26 Foot Coachman. I had hopes of doing some traveling but my son stepped in and told me that we don't do anything that does not bring money in so he suggested that I list it as a rental. Since I listed it, I have had little chance to do any personal traveling. But I love what you guys are doing! Enjoy!


Oct 27, 2022

Colonel, Great Work and Inspiration Sir! Being a Vet myself your story speaks volumes to me. Take Care & Continue on aka "As You Were"

Carlton L. Dowdy
Carlton L. Dowdy
Oct 27, 2022
Replying to

Thank you kindly, Sir! And thanks for your service also. "By Your Lead!" I hope to meet you down the road!

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