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Vollara Spotlight Honors and Congratulates Marc & Christina Alfano

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

Marc and Christina Alfano are living proof that blind dates

can be successful! 

Christina shares how Marc reached out to her for a blind date in college. During their first long talk, she finally encouraged him to go for it by saying, “Are you going to ask me out, or what?”. They have been together ever since - 23 years and counting. Their young son, Gianni, is also a wonderful member of this very powerful business and ministry team!

Marc had a rich history in the world of direct sales as his mom had a long and successful career in the early days of door to door and party plans.  "My mom was a constant encouragement to me. I saw mom earning twice what dad was earning in his 9 to 5 job and how he was able to join her as an entrepreneur. This impacted my career decisions greatly!”

The Alfanos learned about ActivePure while attending The River Church in Florida, home church to Pastor Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne and Assistant Pastor Eric Gonyon. Marc speaks of the importance of harmonizing family life, business and ministry early on.

After learning about Healthy Living Technologies, the family has been building their Vollara team from Florida to Pennsylvania.

This dynamic family has consistently led the field coordinating Healthy Home Showcases.

Their vision for the business inspired Vollara to invite

Marc and Christina to take part in the production of the new

Healthy Home Showcase System -

built from the field up with you in mind. 

Marc and Christina were determined to do the “90 Day Blitz,” and approached everyone they knew, love, and trusted. Marc says they adapted early on, after realizing signing everyone up with a free membership didn’t hit the mark.

Once they began activating

these new business owners with 3 and 5 packs,

the machines - and these go-getters - started moving fast! 

They quickly advanced to Vollara’s highest rank of

Platinum 5 in only 9 months! 

Marc & Christina immediately realized the advantage of sponsoring others and approached Thomas Turnali,

who demonstrated leadership that was vital to the growth of their team.

Thomas engaged the business by assembling a dynamic sales team that made him famous.

When Dr. Eric Gonyon asked Thomas how many Air and Surface Pros he had sold, he said, “I have never personally sold one yet.” Giving all the credit to his team of dedicated sales group, he continues, “I’ve just been bringing on great people who are!”


Marc and Christina demonstrate that strong leaders are bold and confident enough to surround themselves with strong leaders.

The future looks powerful for this amazing couple and

ActivePure’s Healthy Living Technologies!

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Oct 24, 2022

Fear (no), Faith & Truth, You had and still have all 3! May Allah (God) continue to be with you, your family and your team!


Oct 23, 2022

Great story and Great motivation!!!! It was indeed a pleasure meeting you both at the Vail VIP Trip. May GOD continue to BLESS YOU and YOURS with Great Health, Wealth, and Happiness!!!!

C. David Cobb

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