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Vollara Spotlight Honors and Congratulates Teddy and Julie Munger

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

When the going gets tough, Mr. Git R Done gets going!

Teddy Munger is a man of action.

A successful entrepreneur, associate pastor and martial arts specialist,

he brings a “100%, all-in” attitude to every challenge. During his time teaching Black Belt skills in his elite karate school, Teddy shared an enthusiasm and commitment to helping others that carries through to today. He brought that same energy to a 'run of the mill’ MLM opportunity, building a powerful team and achieving success within their system, but not a success that generated the kind of take-home income he’d imagined.

Not content to fly solo, he found his bride Julie through a providential meeting on social media. Six months after finally connecting in person, they were married and began their journey of renewal and trial. "I have built successful businesses. I’m a master contractor and builder,” shares Teddy. “I can build anything. But life threw us some curve balls that we are still working to overcome, even now."

When Vollara and ActivePure first came into their lives, they were already in the thick of one of those trials. A severe health reversal would lead to a loss of income and basic living amenities. “We lived in a house with no running water and just a wood burner to heat,” recalls Teddy.

Yet, his past experience building a successful direct-sales business, one that couldn’t deliver on the promise of economic freedom, still lingered. When Platinum 4 Leader Patrick Cascio contacted Teddy about Vollara, he said, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

Like Teddy, Patrick Cascio has got a “get-r-done” attitude and kept after Teddy.

Today Teddy and Julie are Gold Executives.

"When I first encountered Teddy, I had a sense there was something special that would reveal itself, so I kept watching,” says Mike Jackson. “We worked together on zoom meetings and calls, so I wasn’t surprised when Teddy told me he made a cold call to a billion-dollar casino chain, asking them for an appointment to share ActivePure.”

Teddy recently delivered on his second 5-figure order to the casino, with a promise for much more business, while Julie, an avid bird watcher, and photographer, splits her time between working with children in need, leading her Bible class, and helping Teddy fuel their growing business. In fact, the casino connection was her contact!

This dynamic couple is fully committed. They attended every zoom and event, working the business like a business, generating an impressive income from great commercial and residential sales. But the more time they spent with success-minded Vollara leaders, the more clear it became to them that the Mungers were missing a piece of the puzzle.

Teddy says, "Because I, like so many others was burned out on the MLM promise, I focused on selling. We made more profit in just a few sales than I ever did in a standard home business. But now, with the amazing one-year free membership and the unbelievable “free first month” of any one of four nutrition orders, We are going all-out to build a downline."

"Vollara is very different from other opportunities,

and we fully intend to build a team helping others

on our way to Platinum 5!”


Julie will be the first to tell you Teddy eats, sleeps, and breathes Vollara. The Mungers know healthy living isn't a gamble and investing in others offers the greatest reward. Please join us in a virtual high-five to this committed couple as they embrace every opportunity to git-r-done.

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Carlton L. Dowdy
Carlton L. Dowdy
Nov 23, 2022

Hey Teddy,

Congrats! A Good looking Karate Class, also. Was Steven S. as good as he looked in the movies. I owned a Taekwondo gym for a year or so but I was never able to get it off the ground ....

Nov 24, 2022
Replying to

Yes, Steven was everything in the movies and much more. Spectacular trainer.

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