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Vollara Spotlight Honors and Congratulates Sid Zagri and Meg West

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

Sid and Meg transformed the pandemic shutdown into an innovative start with Vollara, and now they’re “Open for Business.”

25 years in, Sid surveyed his corporate sales career, and wasn’t happy with what he saw. “I held executive positions in both startups and Fortune 100 technology companies, but there was a cost,” shares Sid. “Leading diverse teams across the globe, I was ‘successful.’ Investors got wealthy, but the loss of my time, my health, and the toll it took on my family wasn’t an equal trade-off.”

So Sid took that first brave step into the unknown, entering the direct sales industry in 2002. Investing double decades of skills developed making others rich, he was now pouring them into his own destiny, earning awards and accolades with three different companies in the wellness and financial services sectors.

“After seeing the potential with direct sales, I caught Meg in a time of transition,” says Sid. “I was moving away from an extensive career in landscape architecture and water conservation,” recalls Meg. “Then, during a major wildfire, I installed ActivePure technology. It was so effective, the opportunity to build a business partnership became clear.”

Sid and Meg formed Advanced Clean Air Solutions, a company dedicated to two clear missions.

  • Providing ActivePure technologies to families, businesses, and institutions

  • Helping entrepreneurs start and grow Vollara businesses

This balanced approach to the business brings Sid and Meg enjoyment building both their customer base and business associate team. Deploying automated marketing technology expands their reach, saves valuable time, and maintains lifelong relationships with associates and customers.

With hard work, and minds receptive to support from their mentors and Vollara executive team, Sid & Meg have led over 100 of their business associate team members to the rank of Gold and Platinum Executive, producing Five Platinum 5 executives along the way.

More than the material rewards, these efforts have delivered the true success they were looking for. Financial independence, time flexibility, and the freedom to travel. They’ve toured the world, operating their business abroad for part of the year; living proof that a Vollara business can be built anywhere as they’ve grown their group remotely from locations like Europe, Hawaii, Thailand, and Mexico the past couple of years.

“We’re grateful to Emiliano Campobello, Roger and Wanda Barrette and Mike Jackson for their tireless efforts,” says Meg. “Their support has been rocket fuel for our success.”

Sid adds, “When we think about the future of ActivePure, we see Vollara becoming a household name in the next two to five years. Meg and I are committed to making sure every indoor air space is protected with ActivePure.”


Integrating technology for a high tech, high-touch business is allowing Sid and Meg to craft a future free from the limits of someone else’s plan. Cheers to them as they explore tech-fueled personal freedom powered by victory in Vollara.

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Carlton L. Dowdy
Carlton L. Dowdy
02 dic 2022

Hey you guys,

Congrats! Frankly, I feel a bit out of place here, but what can I say! Just rolling with the flow!

Me gusta
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