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Vollara Spotlight Honors and Congratulates Dan and Clavonne Holter

The story of Dan and Clavonne Holter is one of resilience, innovation, and faith. From grabbing the wheel to steer the family’s legacy in the transportation industry to their introduction to Vollara, the Holters have consistently shown a commitment to improving the lives of those around them.

When professional dreamer and entrepreneur Clavonne met Dan Holter in 1982, she’d already been involved in building a successful personal networking business.

"That initial experience in 1981 laid a foundation that led to an openness and understanding of the direct sales business model when we were presented with the Vollara opportunity," shares Clavonne.

Dan Holter grew up in the bus business and today is CEO of Rochester City Lines and Richfield Bus Company. From humble beginnings, his parents built multiple successful transportation businesses over the decades. The experiences they gained in times of plenty and lean helped the Holters guide their family through the economic storm of 2020. With world events driving their charter business down by 95%, the Holters remained steadfast in their belief in God's faithfulness. Always innovators, they knew they would have to make some adjustments to the new reality facing the transportation industry.

"Providentially, we received a call from our friend Lidy Flom who connected us to Steve and Lori Carmichael." From there, the Holters connected with the next generation of commercial transportation technologies that would become vital to their operation.

Dan has a favorite saying: "The manna comes." It is a reminder that provision always arrives at the right moment.

"Our motorcoaches are outfitted with either the Transit Guardian or the Air and Surface

Pro," exclaims Dan. "Our customers and drivers appreciate the measures taken to safeguard them while on the coach. With ActivePure, we have had tremendous labor savings because we no longer spray or use caustic, harsh chemicals. We have gained new customers because we have ActivePure technology. We believe in the power of hydroxyl cleansers that mimic nature. No other technology is as powerful to sanitize indoor air and surfaces as ActivePure."

Through their use of ActivePure technology, they have been able to grow their business, while providing a safer and healthier environment for their customers and employees. Yet, their business doesn’t stop there. With a passion for personal wellness, Clavonne practices incorporating the healthy living principles she preaches, daily.

"We love Living Water," shares Clavonne. "It’s always a hit at tradeshows, where we plant seeds, start relationships, and make a few sales."

"Plus we offer clean, pure pH balanced Living Water with some of our charters," Clavonne continues. "However, one of my favorite memories is telling my grandchildren they get to drink 'strong water' to make them strong. So they told their parents that Grammy is giving them strong drink!"

From trade shows to personal conversations, Dan and Clavonne consistently build relationships with the goal of improving the lives of those they meet. Their dedication to Vollara and its products is evident in their willingness to share healthy living technologies with others.

Known the world over as the "bus guy," Dan placed ASP+ technology to protect folks during a National Day of Prayer gathering. Months later, Dan was thrilled when the pastor of the church identified Dan as the "clean air guy." This willingness to serve has given them financial freedom.

"We love the freedom lifestyle," says Clavonne. "I was a home educator for 27 years, and we raised our family traveling most often by motorcoach on trips across the US. All five of our children have had experiences in 48 states."

Their long-term goals of retirement and expanding their historic bus museum, Bus Boys Collection, are fueled by their belief in the power of Vollara. "We're dedicated to the preservation of historic buses," shares Dan. "We want to provide the public with a hands-on experience to enjoy the history of transportation, keeping history alive for generations to come. Through the support of our team and programs like the free Subscribe and Save, we have been able to grow our business and build a brighter future."

The Holters' story serves as a reminder that

with faith, hard work, and innovative solutions, anything is possible.

They’ve got a one-way ticket to financial independence,

and plenty of room on the bus for everyone to join them. Congratulations Dan & Clavonne!

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